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June 26, 2015

Cypriot puts mock toilets outside Central Bank

(AP) Andreas Efstathiou’s vision of Cyprus’ tanking economy is 20 plaster-and-perlite creations that look like toilets but also resemble tombstones.

The artist put them on display on Monday in two neat rows outside the gates of Cyprus’ central bank.

Passers-by greeted the work with a mixture of bemusement and resigned acceptance. “Isn’t it the truth,” said 62-year-old Kokos Konstantinou as he gazed at it.

Just as artistic expression has flourished elsewhere in crisis-hit euro-area countries, Efstathiou said it’s his wish for Cypriots to get off their couches and express their disdain at the country’s sorry state.

Cyprus agreed on a 23 billion-euro ($30.5 billion) bailout in March with its eurozone partners and the IMF.


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