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Cyprus Mosaics In Time – The Need of Nostalgia


Efstathiou depicts the essence of Cypriot tradition and culture through the passing of time. A feeling of longing for something that has past, and a need for collective nostalgia are what drove the artist to create these five monumental paintings. The artist’s need to return to the past was born through his visits to the museums of Cyprus. Cyprus Mosaics In Time – The Need of Nostalgia  is characteristic for its depictions of traditional folk motives, mosaics, carved scenes, archaic clay figurines, forms of the ancient world and of recent folk culture, in combination with depictions of the island’s endemic plants and trees. The selection of colours  is based on the colours that characterize Cyprus, and creates a sense of uniformity throughout the series. Faced with the necessity of nostalgia, his  paintings reconstruct a surreal yet personal world.


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