Cyprus Mosaic In Time – The Need of Nostalgia


I choose  this moment- front in need of nostalgia and a respite painting of course -to approached with great sensitivity the world of Cyprus. I  hear, see, listen, think and paint. This need to return to the past was born through my visits to the museums of Cyprus. Five monumental paintings are sufficiently able to unfold the soul deposit, where in excess sensitivity and respect reflects Cyprus. Here the story unfolds the popular culture of Cyprus landscape with stalks and trees. But how can reproduce the past in two-dimensional form; I  selected painted traditional folk motives, mosaics, carved scenes, archaic clay figurines and other forms of the ancient world and the younger folk culture, which in conjunction with the plant world (spikes, trees, plants) depicts a multi-layered compositions. Openings and levels in the field suggest the need of boxing topics coexisting in a world of fantasy and dream. Remaining an artist of the thumbnail and the color identity chooses consciously to escape for a while from standard movements and trends. The colour uniformity without acrobatics and extremes based on the colours that characterize Cyprus. Faced with the necessity of nostalgia, my  paintings reconstruct what was developing a surreal world completely personal.


 Andreas Efstathiou,

Cyprus Mosaic In Time –The Need of Nostalgia,

Kipriaki Gonia Gallery , Larnaca , Cyprus

16 December 20016 – 16 January 2017