Andros Efstathiou participating in MVVO ART exhibition in New York

The Accessible Art Fair, New York, will be held at the National Arts Club, 15 Gramercy Park South, November 1–25, 2016. Philippe Leblanc, MAYANACCI GOLD. Courtesy of the Accessible Art Fair, New York. "Brussels has been going through such hardship lately," said MvVO ART founder Maria van Vlodrop in a phone interview. Vlodrop is also the co-founder of the US edition. "This is a really happy occasion and an opportunity to get people to feel good about Brussels again." Like 4heads' long-running Governors Island Art Fair and new Portal art fair, the Accessible Art fair bypasses galleries and art dealers to work with artists directly, providing collectors the opportunity to discover unrepresented


©2015 by Andros Efstathiou oil painter

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